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Anna Bean confirms as a featured artist!

We're excited to announce that Anna Bean will be joining us on Saturday 1st August to talk about her journey and process as an artist and will take us through a workshop!

Here's what she's been up to over the past few months:

Bluebeany Art Club

During the COVID-19 quarantine time I have used social media to run a Bluebeany Art Club on Sundays 2-4pm. This was an opportunity for people of all ages to take a little time out of their day during the lockdown to make a piece of Artwork inspired by a given theme.

I accompanied the art making with a themed spotify playlist. I was inspired to create the Bluebeany Art Club in response to the Noel Fieldings Art Club which ran from 3-5pm on Saturdays. The club ran 11 weeks and from the Sunday 5th July 2-4pm will be a monthly event. All welcome. The activity of facilitating this art club during the lockdown gave me purpose and encouraged me and the participants to make work based around the various themes. The imagery I created for the publicity materials also fed into my Absolutely Cultured Creative Micro Commissioned animation work ‘Welcome to the House of Fun’.

I also included some of the Bluebeany Artwork with the House of Fun as art on the walls.

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