Summershutdown Festival

Summer Shutdown Fest was a three-day online arts festival that was co-designed, planned and delivered by young people and staff at Goodwin Development Trust. In just eight weeks, the young people of Youth Arts Takeover worked alongside staff to create an incredible and ambitious live stream that featured artist interviews, music performances, wellbeing videos and celebrated community development. The aim of Summer Shutdown Fest was not only to inspire and entertain viewers in engaging with the arts, it was also to give the young people in the team the skills and confidence to take the step from unemployment into work or education. We are proud to note that all of those young people are now in work or are at university.

The Festival was funded through Art Council England 


Comments on Summer shutdown


Mark Page from Humber Street Sesh “Congratulations to the Youth Arts Takeover team at Goodwin Development Trust for an excellent Summer Shutdown Fest all weekend. Great effort from everyone involved, with some very talented young folk”


Jed Salisbury, Comedian “What a blast we had! Huge thanks to Summer Shutdown Fest for inviting us down to perform and a massive congratulations to them for such an amazing line up.”


Comments from viewers : Thank you for brining the best out of my granddaughter, Ruby. Her singing is fantastic! So proud of you all, you rock! You were amazing. Fantastic festival for a fantastic cause. Next level work guys. Amazing to see the selfless effort. An absolutely fantastic Summer Shutdown Fest so far! A huge well done to everyone involved in making this a reality

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